Welcome to Lost by Design Records.

Transform Art into Influence

Revolutionising the industry

Lost By Design Records is a New Zealand based record label that exists to empower and assist artists to create, distribute and perform art that is both passionate and influential.

Digital Distribution

We distribute music across every major platform (Spotify, Itunes, Youtube etc) and we give our artists the highest level of customisation over pricing and presentation. We promote music to radio stations and playlists all over the world.

Artist Management

Our managers promote and book live shows all over the world. We also have connections to a number of festivals and venues. We give our artists an outlet to share the music they create without the stress of having to organise it themselves.

Music Production

We have producers and studios that provide the highest quality of production, mixing and mastering to turn our artists vision of a song into the musical masterpiece it was meant to be.

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